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At Marzano Human Resources Consulting, we are expert in helping our clients navigate through the dizzying maze of federal, state and local employment laws.

With extensive HR experience in diverse industries, Marzano HR Consulting prides itself on providing expert advice geared toward mitigating risk and increasing the profits of our clients.

We understand the financial challenges facing many businesses today and will make every effort to work within your budget, offering retainer, project and hourly pricing.

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About Gordon Marzano

Company founder and principal consultant, Gordon Marzano, has over 30 years of human resources experience and has worked in diverse industries such as electronics, financial services, retail and logistics.

Having earned a master’s degree in Human Resource Management, Gordon went on to work in highly responsible roles at companies such as Sony Electronics, Prudential Financial and PSE&G.

Working for large companies supporting large employee populations has helped Gordon develop broad experience in the handling of many types of employee issues, some quite complex in nature.

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