Employee Engagement

Frequently, employees make decisions regarding their willingness to go the extra mile and truly commit in ways that will lead to the betterment of your company.    Employee engagement has emerged as a critical driver of business success in today’s competitive marketplace.   High levels of engagement promote retention of talent, foster customer loyalty and improve organizational performance.

Marzano HR Consulting can work with your company to ensure your employee engagement efforts are maximized by reviewing your current programs and recommending best practices.

Marzano HR Consulting can discuss with you some or all of the programs and processes listed below, all shown to help increase employee engagement.

Employee Opinion Surveys

Your company will be guided on how to interpret the results, identify the key areas of opportunity and develop action plans to increase engagement.

New Leader Assimilation

This process facilitates the rapid development of a working relationship between a manager and his/her direct reports.  A relationship which can take up to 9 months to develop normally, can be achieved in about 9 hours

Employee Onboarding Process

Many companies neglect this process.  It’s important to realize that an outstanding onboarding experience is the foundation for continued engagement.

Change Management

Whether rolling out a company-wide initiative or contemplating a reorganization, knowing how to manage the effects these large scale changes will have on your workforce and your business operations is extremely important.


Skip Level Meetings

Stay/Exit Interviews

Mentoring Program

Rewards and Recognition Programs

Team Building Exercises