Employee Compensation

Ensuring that your company has sound pay practices is important in attracting talented job candidates, and in retaining and motivating your employees.  With the heightened awareness in this country on pay equity, as well as the continued focus companies have on profits, business leaders are coming to the realization that a more analytical and strategic approach toward compensation is needed.

Marzano HR Consulting can offer your organization a number of services, including:

Job Analysis

Employee CompensationWill analyze your jobs to determine their principal responsibilities, qualifications, physical demands, along with their relative importance to other jobs in your organization.

Salary Surveys and Career Pathing

Once a job analysis is completed, a salary survey will be utilized to determine the value of the job for compensation purposes.  Based on the size and complexity of your organization, consideration can be made as to whether or not to implement a multi-grade or broadbanding salary structure.

Compensation Planning

Managing a merit increase budget can be very challenging.  Some companies give the same increase to everyone across the board, while others differentiate pay, providing higher raises to certain employees using a rationale which may be difficult to defend.

Guidance can be provided to your organization through its annual merit increase process, including an audit of your proposed merit increases to ensure no red flags which could be the basis for a discrimination claim.   Training can also be provided to your managers on developing a pay-for-performance culture.