Employee Relations

Your company’s employees are your most important asset.   Employees want to feel assured that they are working for a fair and highly ethical organization.

At times, situations arise which require remedial action.  Examples include unsatisfactory work performance, attendance issues, or policy violations.  Additionally, complaints arise regarding employee conduct.

Addressing these issues promptly is very important as these matters, if not handled expeditiously and fairly, can have a detrimental effect on employee morale and can also place your company at risk of litigation.

Having an employee handbook is certainly important, but just as import are your business practices as they relate to the handling of employee issues.

Experienced Guidance in the Handling of Disciplinary Actions

Marzano HR Consulting can be available to coach your managers on the handling of any issue which may require progressive discipline, including termination.   For performance issues, guidance can be provided on creating a performance improvement plan (PIP).

Conducting Investigations

Marzano HR Consulting, acting as an impartial third party, can conduct investigations, which include interviewing all parties, doing any necessary research, preparing a final report and making recommendations on remedial action.  Not having management handle these sensitive issues helps maintain trust among your employees.

Drafting of Needed Documents

Marzano HR Consulting can draft performance improvement plans and disciplinary letters.