Do You Need An HR Consultant?

Have you put off terminating an under-performing employee because you are fearful of reprisal?

Do the contractors you hired pass the IRS independent contractor test?

Is your organization engaging and ethical, free from sexual harassment and discrimination?

If not handled properly, these HR issues, along with many others, can lead to poor employee morale, lost revenue, large government fines or crippling litigation costs.


Statistics every business owner should know

  • Many businesses don’t know that the federal threshold for exempt status is $35,568, and that some state and local jurisdictions have an even higher limit.
  • A wrongful termination settlement can cost a business well over $80,000.
  • It costs over $30,000 to replace an employee earning $60,000
  • Only 25% of small businesses are confident they are in compliance with employment laws.
  • 75% of small businesses don’t have an employee handbook, exposing them to legal risk.
  • 30% of businesses misclassify workers as independent contractors, or 1099’s.
  • A fully engaged workforce is 21% more productive and has 41% less absenteeism.
  • Despite the legal risk, only 23% of small businesses provide employment discrimination or sexual harassment training.


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