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Now that more and more employers have implemented or are considering the implementation of a COVID-19 vaccine mandate, the question of unemployment for those who refuse and get terminated continues to arise.

I never tell a business that a terminated employee will not get unemployment, even though many times it would seem a reasonable deduction. It is up to the state unemployment agency to make that determination. But there are things companies can do which can help them prevail.

Deciding to mandate the vaccine requires having a policy in place and ensuring that employees understand the policy and the ramifications for not following it.

If you have implemented a vaccine mandate or are considering it, Marzano Human Resources can review an existing one or help draft a new one for you.

As I have said in past communications, an employee handbook is very important, even for the smallest of businesses.  It explains to your employees what is expected of them, eliminates confusion and doubt and, most importantly, can help mitigate risk to your business.

We at Marzano Human Resources Consulting are experienced in providing clients with customized employee handbooks that are well within their budgets.

Contact us for a no-cost consultation.

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