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More and more companies are reaching out to me requesting I either create an employee handbook for them or make revisions to a current one.

Times are changing quickly in the employee handbook  space.  Handbooks that are three years old many times are looking at major revisions due to the rapid changes in federal and state employment laws.  Additionally, the introduction of some very innovative best practices focused on increasing employee engagement make routine edits to a handbook a must.

No company, small or large, can afford to neglect the importance of an employee handbook.  Even if you have two or three employees, not having an employee handbook can be risky.

I wanted to again share an article I wrote last year regarding employee handbooks which many found helpful. The article is titled “Got a Good Employee Handbook? Probably Not”.

What you will get from Marzano HR Consulting is a company that will help educate you on state and federal employment laws.  Just as importantly, we will provide you with guidance on best practices which can help you retain your employees and ensure your company is on a path to continued prosperity.

Please consider reaching out to Marzano Human Resources Consulting.  We review current handbooks at no charge and then provide a proposal on necessary revisions.  If you want to create a new handbook, we can certainly discuss that also.

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