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Recently, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) announced it was increasing to $659 employer fines for not having displayed the necessary federal posters.

Individual states will also assess fines for poster non-compliance and, should you have a business in a city such as New York, Philadelphia or San Francisco, to name a few, you can be fined for not displaying required city employment ordinances.

Many businesses rely on companies to supply them with an all-in-one poster for federal, state and even local employment laws, believing their problems are solved.

Not so fast, because as it turns out, most of these all-in-one posters have every employment law on them. The problem with that is some smaller businesses do not have to comply with all of these laws due to the number of workers they employ.

Should you have an employment law poster displayed, you are then obligated to comply with it, no matter the size of your business.

Then there are jurisdictions, such as New Jersey, that not only require you to post certain employment law bulletins, but also mandate that you provide to each employee, annually, copies of certain employment laws.

Contact Marzano Human Resources Consulting to conduct a full review your HR policies and practices.  We will ensure compliance with all federal, state and local employment regulations, reviewing things such as poster and I-9 compliance, document retention, and onboarding and termination protocols.



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