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As we all know, many businesses did not make it through the pandemic and many others are still struggling. For those companies that have weathered the storm, now may be a good time to show your employees how much you appreciate the work they have done over the past year.

Marzano Human Resources Consulting has had conversations with businesses looking for ways to acknowledge the sacrifices made by their employees.  Many companies understand the importance of being seen as a business that cares and values their employees. It is no secret that a content and engaged workforce is a more productive one.

Company Branded Gifts with Real Impact

I recently spoke with Derrick Carpenter, owner of  Something to Talk About, a New Jersey-based marketing services and promotional products company.

According to Derrick, the challenge businesses face when considering gift giving is the level of impact it will ultimately have. “The wrong choice in gifts can end up backfiring and causing employees to look at the company as uncaring and out of touch” he said.

Derrick has helped small and large businesses to understand the power of promotional product gift giving and the dividends it pays in the form of happy and engaged employees.

“It’s important to find a promotional products vendor that has experience in providing businesses with guidance in finding the right promotional gift pieces” said Derrick.    “Far too many vendors point clients to their website and just focus on price, not effectiveness”.

Back in November, a large town in NJ approached Derrick, wanting ideas on how they could show appreciation and recognize first responders for their efforts working through the COVID-19 crisis.

“I was given a set budget, a total number of employees, and the town’s confidence in me to put together an impactful thank you package”, said Derrick.

The town agreed on a tote bag imprinted with the town seal and containing an embroidered vest, blanket, knit cap, wireless charger, and other items, many with ‘Healthcare Hero’ emblazoned on them.

A member of the township committee later called Derrick and told him the tote bag gifts were a huge hit.    According to Derrick, “The employees were all thrilled and genuinely thankful, glad to see that their efforts did not go unnoticed.”

A well-conceived gift may be just what your business needs to help in the building of a highly engaged, content and productive group of employees, positioning your company for continued growth well into the post-COVID world.


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