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An employee handbook is essential to every company, no matter the size. Ensuring you have policies in place for matters which arise with your employees is very important to maintaining order and instilling a culture of fairness.

Policies are worthless if not followed. Managers should be trained on the more complex and sensitive topics contained in the handbook and in understanding the importance of ensuring these policies are religiously adhered to and practiced.

Every conceivable issue can’t be covered in a policy. In these instances, seeking the advice of a Human Resources professional, trained in assessing and mitigating risk, is essential.

The article, “The Top 8 Policies to Include in Your Employee Handbook”, covers some of the more important topics small to midsize companies should address.

It’s important to periodically review your handbook to ensure that polices are still relevant, are evolving with the changes in employee needs and wants, and are still legally compliant.

An Employee Handbook, well conceived and constructed in a manner aimed at increasing employee morale and engagement, while also mitigating risk to your company, is one of the tools necessary to ensuring your company’s future success.



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