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As a follow-up to my article on May 8th concerning the new process for hiring minors in New Jersey effective June 1st, the state provided further information regarding the new online system.

The process, intended to make it easier for teens to work in the state, replaces the current system that required school districts to issue working papers for teens under 18, any time the minor wanted a job.

Effective June 1st, minors can now register online, one time only, directly with the New Jersey Department of Labor by going to

Employers must also register their business through this same website. They will then receive an eight-digit code they should provide to the minor they wish to hire, who will use this code to complete their part of the application.

The employer and parent/caregiver of the minor will then receive an email requesting they complete their portion of the online process, which includes uploading the child’s birth certificate, passport or other official document to verify the minor’s age. An email will be sent out by the NJ DOL once the application has been approved or rejected.

Hiring minors can be a very rewarding experience for both teenagers and the businesses that hire them.  Employers should be aware of the different laws in their particular jurisdiction regarding minors.  Marzano Human Resources Consulting helps businesses throughout the country navigate through child labor laws.

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