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On November 14, I attended a networking meeting conducted by the Tri-County Chamber of Commerce (TCCC).  There were about twenty-five different businesses represented at the networking luncheon, including an area hotel, along with companies involved in payroll processing, medical billing, real estate, banking, social media and marketing.

An article on the event, published on TapintoWayne, stated that Moody’s rated Wayne Township’s Credit as a AAA – their highest rating.  According to Moody’s, one of the reasons for this was the “mean family income of township residents is 186.4% higher than the US median level.”  A higher level of income generally means a higher level of spending and that draws businesses like honey draws bears.

Wayne’s business community continues to respond to both a favorable business climate as well as a growing population.

Jamie Dykes, the President of the TCCC has seen this growth through its memberships. “Our membership is on a steep incline right now and that’s reflective of what’s going on in the greater Wayne area,” said Dykes.

The TCCC began as the Wayne Chamber of Commerce and changed its name years ago since it was drawing businesses from nearby towns in Morris and Essex Counties. Still the chamber is very Wayne-centric. “About 70% of our membership are Wayne-based businesses,” said Dykes.

The Tri-County Chamber will be holding their annual holiday luncheon and toy drive at the Preakness Hills Country Club on December 5th.  For more information, visit:


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